Blue Knights Oklahoma IV

Toy Run Committee minutes

Date/Time: May 3, 2012

Toy Run Committee meeting immediately followed the regular meeting.

Ray reported on the conditions at the kids camp scheduled for June 23rd . He brought pictures that he took of the areas in question. Gravel roads and small parking lots lead the committee to decide that it is not practical to have a Toy Run go to the camp.

We will have members of our Chapter lead the busses to the camp on that day but we don’t want the liability of having a Run go there. Due to the Sheriff’s Department being short on manpower on that day because of  the kids camp, the committee decided to look at moving the Toy Run to June 30th. It was suggested that the Run still start at the Church at 82nd/Cache and go west to Cache, then through the Wildlife Refuse and end at Chaps in Medicine Park.

Bryan will check with Chaps and the City of Medicine Park to made sure it OK with them and there is not some other event planned for that location on that date.

Next committee meeting will be on May 17th at Dave McDermott’s office.

All Chapter members are welcome to attend.