Oklahoma IV – Chapter Meeting Minutes

April 2019

We met at La Fiesta restaurant in Duncan.

Members in attendance: Johnnie and Carrie Drewery, Dan and Tracie Fletcher, Harvell Jefferson, David Mcdermott, Jaun Rodriguez, David Woods

Guests in attendance: Roberto Peralta, Don and Deana (apologies I didn’t get their last name), and Tommy Dale 

Business attended to:

Dave Mcdermott had prepared and submitted the minutes for the month of March and it was approved.

Dan Fletcher wants to make one ride a month. He talked about going to a sod house. It was decided that a ride would be scheduled for the 11th of May with meeting location and times to follow                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave McDermott spoke of going on the memorial run in honor of his brother in law in OKC. He also recognized former OK4 member Tommy Dale and welcomed him to the meeting.                                 

Johnny Drewery spoke of doing a poker run in Septmeber to benefit the Lawton Public School Canine program.

It was agreed to buy flowers for Ron Corcorran’s mother’s funeral.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Dave Mcdermott.

Business meeting adjourned

NEXT MEETING MAY 6th IN LAWTON at Pizza Hut at 45th and Lee at 18:30.

May 2019

Members in attendance:  Russell Baucom, Johnnie and Carrie Drewery, Dan and Tracie Fletcher, Gilbert and Laona Gonzales, Juan and Tammy Rodriguez, David Woods,  Roberto Peralta, Don and Deanna Pestin

1905: Gill and Juan made motions to start meeting

Russell and Gill made motions to accept the last month’s minuets

Johnny advised that there was a Blue Knight in Misssissippi that has cancer and Johnny was sending a chapter patch to him and that there would be a ride for his benefit (see Johnny for details)

Johnny spoke about the fundraiser our chapter will be hosting in September to support a police canine for Lawton Public Schools

Dan spoke about pre-planning a monthly ride. He advised he will but if anyone else wanted to that they could as well.  That spurred some conversations about old gunfighters and rides to different areas. There’s a  possible ride in June to somewhere north west.

Juan spoke about keeping brotherhood in the club and keeping family involved in the club

Roberto made mention of the Blue Knight Facebook and discussion then followed.

Russell advised that he has had his last surgery for his cancer.

David W. gave a brief summary of the financial report ( Juan and Gill approved)

1945: Dave and Gill made motions to adjourn