Oklahoma IV – Chapter Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2019

Members in attendance:  Dan Fletcher, Gilbert and Laona Gonzales, Juan and Tammy Rodriguez, David Woods,  Roberto Peralta, Don Pestin, Dave Mcdermott  and John Roche

1912:   Juan made motions to start meeting

Dave McDermott & John John Roche made motions to accept the last month’s minutes and the financial reports.

Juan advised to keep President Johnny Drewery and Johnny’s mom in prayer because she is sick.

Dave McDermott explained how to log onto the Blue Knight Website.

Juan brought up the idea of a chaplain and discussion took place

Dave McDermott and Whitey made motions for a chaplain and it passed.

Dave Woods and Don Pestin made motions for Gil Gonzales to be the chaplain and it passed

Juan discussed moving the ride for LPS to the 7th of September. We need portable awning and places to ride.     

Juan said he would like to do a motorcycle maintenance day at his shop and everyone liked it.         

1945: Dave and Gill made motions to adjourn and Juan led our adjournment in prayer