Blue Knights – Oklahoma IV – Chapter Meeting Minutes

Oklahoma IV – Chapter Meeting Minutes

Date/Time – November 3rd, 2016
Location – Lawton, Oklahoma

Members Present
Bryan Baker
Russell Baucom
Ron and Cassey Corcorran
Nick Dziewa
Dan and Tracy Fletcher
Gilbert and LaOna Gonzales
Chisholm Hale
Dave and Corby McDermott
Ray Pyeatt
John (Whitey) and Stacey Roche
David Woods

Guests Present
Jack and Melissa Pilgrim – Comanche Co Sheriff’s Office (friends of Ray checking out the Blue Knights and what we are about)
Cyntha Cotner and Jenny Winters (friends of Dave and Corby visiting from Mississippi)

Ron called the meeting to order at 6:47 pm.

Since we rode to Wichita Falls, Texas, to visit Texas XX to attend their meeting in September, we did not have any meeting minutes to vote on for September. A short impromptu meeting was held prior to the Kiddieland fund raiser event on October 1st, but no minutes were taken, so no vote was needed for October. We did not have an official treasurer report, but Ray assured us that we have money in the bank and all bills are paid.

Ray briefed everyone that due to health reason and that he might be moving to be closer to his son in Abilene, Texas, that he did not have any attentions in running for the position of treasurer again.

Prior to the election of new officers, a motion was made by Bryan and seconded by Nick, that it would be within the chapter by-laws to combine the Secretary and Treasurer position, unless there was someone that was interested in being the secretary and someone else was interested in being the treasurer (motion passed).

First order of business was the elections of new officers for 2017-2018. All of the positons ran unopposed. A motion was made by Gilbert and seconded by Bryan to accept the following (motion passed):

President – David Woods
Vice President – Chisholm Hale
Secretary/Treasurer – Dave McDermott

Appointed Position
President of the Board of Directors – Past President Ron Corcorran
Board of Director members – Russell Baucom, Gilbert Gonzales, Ray Pyaett, and Nick Dziewa
Safety Officer – Bryan Baker
Ride Captain- John (Whitey) Roche

Congratulations to all the newly elected and appointed officers. A quick installation ceremony of the new President will be conducted at the Christmas Party.

Ray reported that $600.06 in donations were collected at the Kiddieland fund raiser for Stephens County Youth Shelter sponsored by our chapter and FOP Lodge #99, held on October 1st, 2016.

Ray reported that he and Dave opened a new bank account at Arvest Bank in Lawton and will be transferring our funds and banking from Bank First as soon as possible. Debit cards were issued to Ray and Dave incase we need them for online transactions. Moving the account had been previously voted on and approved on at a previous meeting.

David gave a ride report on the MWRC held from September 8-11th, in Omaha, Nebraska. The event was attended by Dave and Corby, Dan and Tracie, David and Chisholm. A great time was had by all and it was a very successful event.

Dues were collected throughout the meeting. If you have not paid your dues, please do as soon as possible. Remember that a late fee will be added if not paid in time.

The Christmas Party will be at the Interurban, in Duncan, Oklahoma, on December 3rd, at 7:00 pm. The address is 1800 Country Club Road. We have had our Christmas party there a few times before and it has always turned out well. We will be doing a Dirty Santa gift exchange again this year, with a minimum of $20.00 and $25.00 limit. Barbara from the Stephen County Youth Shelter will also be present to receive our donation check of $600.06.

A motion was made by Whitey and seconded by Russell, to donate $50 each to a boy and girl from the Angle Tree located in Central Mall, in Lawton. Whitey’s wife, Stacey will take the lead on this and will give a report at the next meeting (motion passed).

Bryan reported that Eddie Cortes, has graciously offered the use of his parking lot for our training seminar. Training will be held on Saturday, November 16th, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Eddie Cortes Used Cars is located on Cache Road in Lawton, just west of Chicken Express. Please bring a helmet and gloves (and your bike). Bryan will cover: picking up your motorcycle, threshold braking, U-turns, collision avoidance and formation riding. If there is anything you would like to see added, please let him know.

Bryan also gave a safety report on the importance of checking the air pressure in your tires, that the deer movement at night is increasing, not to use your front brake if you think you are going to lay your bike down (this will cause a high side), and to remember that you need to be looking at least two to four seconds down the road scanning for possible situations that you will have to react too.

David stated that he would like to plan an “All Okie Event” for the spring and that we will discuss the details and possible locations at the January meeting.

Bryan and Dave gave a ride report on visiting the Texas XX fund raiser at Red River Harley Davidson, on October 26th.

Motion was made by Chisholm and seconded by Whitey to end the meeting at 7:24 pm (it passed with flying colors).

Reminder that that the Christmas party is on December 3rd at the Interurban, at 7:00 pm, in Duncan.

Date: September 1, 2016
Location: Lawton, OK

Ron & Cassie
Bryan B
Bryan E
Gill & LaOna

The Secretary report was not voted on due to not having one for last months meeting.

The treasure report was given by Ray. A motion was made to approve it by Gill and seconded by Woods.

Woods, Dave & Corby, Dan & Tracie, and Hale will be going to Omaha to the MWRC. The ride and the information we get at the meeting will be told at the next meeting.

Kiddie Land will be October 1st from 6:00 to 8:00 members will need to be there early to help set up and also have a quick meeting.

Baker advised that everyone needs to check tire pressure on your bike before riding every time. Baker also advised that we needed to find a day so he can conduct a safety seminar.

Oct 29th there will be a benefit ride in Texas with our Texas brothers that Baker cheats on us with (that would be TX XX out of Wichita Falls).

Motion was made to end meeting by Baker and seconded by Gill.

October 1st, at 5:00 PM at Kiddie Land in Duncan to get ready for the event.

Date: July 7th, 2016
Location: Lawton, OK

Ron & Cassie Nick
David & Ginger

The Secretary report was read online and a motion was made by Baker and seconded by Hale to approve the min.

The treasure report was given by Ray, he advised we had $2,406.29 in our account. A motion was made to approve it by Dave and seconded by Baker.

Ray also told us that the bank was charging us for online banking. Ray told them to get rid of the online and we did not want to be charged for this anymore. The group also discussed changing banks if this continues. Motion was made by Dave and seconded by Hale.

Woods talked about the kiddie land project that we will be hosting on October 1st at 6:00-8:00. The amount due for this is $560 and the Duncan FOP has donated $230 to the club to help with cost on the park. Ray also brought up that if you know any business that would like to donate to this we would like for them to help anything is something. All the money raised goes to the Stephens County Youth Shelter.

We will be having our August meeting with the Texas 20 down in Texas on August 10th. More on meeting times and places will go out via text when this gets closer.

Baker discussed having a mentor program for new riders. This means that if you have a new rider wanting to join the club that you kind of take them under your wing. Ride with them to meetings until they are comfortable riding or around other members.

Dave has sent out the emergency contact sheet via email again. As many of y’all that can need to fill this out so if something happens we can get you help and ahold of your family.

August 10th In Texas

Date/Time – June 2nd, 2016
Location – Bob’s Restaurant, Meridian, Oklahoma

Members Present
Ron and Cassey
David and Ginger

Ron called the meeting to order at approx. 1830

A motion was made by Dave and seconded by David to approve the secretary report.

Dave gave the treasurer report. A motion was made by David and seconded by Nick to approve the treasurer report.

David reported that he will be contacting the folks who run Kiddieland in Duncan so that we can start to plan our annual fund raiser that will be held later on in the summer.

Dan gave a ride report on his ride to Fort Smith and Hot Springs, AR. Members from the chapter that rode included, Dan and Tracie, Dave and Corby, Bryan B., and Bryan E. A great time was had by all, but most importantly, no one got wet!

Dave reported that he and Corby plan on attending the Fall MWRC in Omaha, NE, from 8-11 September. A separate email will be sent out with all the details, but he highly recommends that if you think you might be going, it would be a good idea to make your hotel reservations now.

Ron want to remind everyone of our chapter by-laws regarding yearly dues (see below):


SECTION 3.01 – Chapter IV will collect annual Chapter and International dues. Dues will be $30/fiscal year or part of fiscal year. For new membership, $25 (or pro-rated part as per International rules) goes to International and the remainder is kept by the Chapter. For renewal membership, $20 goes to International and the remaining part is kept by the Chapter. Any changes in Chapter IV dues will be proposed by the Board and voted on by the members present at the November meeting and eligible to vote. The International dues will be as set forth by the International.

SECTION 3.02 – The fiscal year will run from January 1st to December 31st.

SECTION 3.03 – Renewing members must pay their required dues prior to December 20th of each year. Members renewing after that date will pay a $7.50 surcharge.

SECTION 3.04 – New members must submit their application and dues for Chapter IV membership in person at a Chapter IV meeting (refer Sec. 2.04). If membership is granted, new members will receive a new member kit consisting of an International crest, pin and decal, a copy of the Chapter IV by-laws, a membership list, a ride schedule, and anything else that may be deemed necessary at the time of them joining.

Motion was made to end the meeting and it also passed with flying colors.

Next meeting will be in Lawton, OK, location to be announced, on Thursday, July 7th.

DATE: April 7th, 2016
LOCATION: Duncan, Ok at Pizza Hut

Dan & Tracie
Ron & Cassie
Nick & Skyler
Jefferson & Bobbie
Joe Lard

We did not have a Secretary report due to the fact he did not make the last meeting and we did not have enough members for a meeting.’

The treasure report was given by Ray, he advised we had $2,406.29 in our account. A motion was made to approve it by Dave and seconded by Nick.

Ray talked about having a hard time getting dues at the correct time. He has asked that if you do not have your dues paid by the first meeting in January the dues go up $5 to a total of $35. This would be for the additional fee to add a member after the due date. (This was tabled till the next meeting for research.)

Woods talked about getting the Kiddie Land project. We discussed it and want to do this project again. We also talked about maybe having a raffle for a gun or something. The winner would be announced at the Kiddie Land day. Each member would have to see so many tickets for chances to win the item. (The raffle was tabled to find out prices and other items.)

Baker wanted to start a mentor program for the new riders we get in the club. This would be to keep in touch with them and help them if they are inexperienced riders. He also wanted to get a emergency contact list for all riders in case something was to happen to one of us on a ride.

Baker advised us that Harley shop I believe in Wichita Falls is giving a free rider program for Law Enforcement and EMT. ALSO CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE!!!

Dan talked about a poker run Saturday the 16th of April at 0900 starting at the football field. I did not write the town down so if you would like to ride in this contact Dan.

Dan also talked about the Arkansas ride on the 13th of May they will be staying at the Quality Inn on the 13th and Best Western on the 14th. POC is Dan he will be in charge of this ride.

Dave advised the cops and kids ride and car show will be in Lawton on June 4th. He will be attending this because he won a prize last year along with several other in our club.

Woods advised the car and bike show is going on this weekend the 15th and 16th.

Dave also advised that if you are on a ride or hanging out with other members send him some pics of the day. He will put them on the Facebook page some we all can see them.

Keep Gill and LaOna in your prayers they lost Gills sister this week. We Love y’all!

Also Ron and Cassie are going to Galveston soon make sure you keep in prayers. Poor Cassie she has to ride with Ron and deal with him.

Motion was made by Woods and seconded by Ray to end meeting

Lawton, OK at 1830 on May 5th
Location TBA

DATE: March 3 2016
LOCATION: Medicine Park, OK at The Old Pantation

There was not enough elected members to hold an official meeting, however we were visited by the folks from Texas XX and had a great dinner.

DATE: February 4 2016
LOCATION: Duncan, Ok at Bobs Catfish

Gill & LaOna
Dan & Tracie
Ron & Cassie
Chisholm Hail
David & Ginger & Sam
Jefferson & Bobbie

Patrick and LeOna Norton

Motion was made to approve the Sec report. Motion was made by Gill and seconded by Jefferson, members voted and motion passed.

Tres was not present so we did not have his report to vote on.

Gill told the group about a benefit ride for Brooke Stranahan who is a Cotton County Deputy and has kids and a husband. All the money will go to her medical treatment she just found out that she has breast cancer. First bike will be leaving at 12:00 and last bike will be out at 14:00. The ride will be in Wichita Falls on February 28th if you want to attend this ride make contact with Gill.

Fletcher is still planning a ride to Arkansas prolly the second week of May it will be a three day ride and he will be the POC on this ride.

The hotel for the Galveston ride is full so the next hotel will be the Comfort Inn Beach Front and the second will be Hampton Inn. Hopefully we can all get together and make our reservation so we can stay in the same hotel. So if anyone has made theirs lets us know so we can also get ours.

Motion was made to end meeting by Gill and seconded by Ron.

Lawton, OK at 1830 on March 3, 2016
Location TBA

Date: January 7, 2016
Location: Riverside Cafe, Medicine Park, OK

Ron & Cassey Corcorran
Dan & Tracie Fletcher
Gil & LaOna Gonzales
Chisholm Hale
Dave & Corby McDermott
Ray Pyeatt
Bryan Eades


-Motion to approve the secretary report was made by Gill and seconded by Dave.
-Motion to approve the treasury report was made by Gill and seconded by Eades.
-Dan told the group about motorcycle show in Dallas on the 22-24 of January. If you would like to go to that Dan is the POC on this ride.
-Dan also told the group about the ride to Arkansas. We will try and do this in May possibly the 13th – 15th. The ride will be a three day ride Dan is the POC also on this ride.
-We discussed what we should do about paying dues for PJ and a motion was made to let her attend meetings if she would like. If PJ would like to stay in club we will pay her dues. Motion was made by Dan and seconded by Dave.
-The Galveston meeting that we have decided to go to this year will be on April 14th-17th. We was advised that the hotel was already full and we would need to find a hotel that we can all stay at that is close.
-Motion was made to end the meeting by Gill and seconded by Eades.

Duncan, Ok on February 4th at Bobs Catfish. Refinery and Old Highway 81